What is BINGE-R?

BINGE-R is a weekly e-mail and website dedicated to helping you get the most out of your chosen Australian streaming services via recommendations and rundowns. BINGE-R covers Netflix, Stan, SBS On Demand and Amazon Prime Video (for now). BINGE-R rates content and not pricing plans - we don't endorse any one streaming service over another.

Who runs BINGE-R?

BINGE-R is written by Craig Mathieson, a television and film critic with Fairfax Media and The Monthly, and a long-time music journalist and author. It's a wholly independent operation, free to subscribe to and without anything as tedious as BINGE-R loyalty points or BINGE-R merchandise.

What helps BINGE-R?

If you like the e-mails you're receiving from BINGE-R every Friday morning and they're improving your streaming habits, then please forward them to anyone you think might also benefit and suggest that they subscribe. BINGE-R is free — you can share it around.

What's up with the dash in BINGE-R?

Short answer: I liked Binger (rhymes with ginger) as a word, with the connotation of bingeing on a newly discovered series. But some people (or maybe most) pronounced it as Binger (rhymes with singer). Hence BINGE-R. Plus, I'd already bought the domain name.

Can I contact BINGE-R?

Why not.

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